Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Once upon a time - At a time 'appamma' smiled

Once upon a time
At a time 'appamma' smiled
Once a upon a day
At a time Chandrika reigned
With Appa, he came-
All the way from Colombo.

The leaves were dropping
Yellow, frail and withered.
The trees were weeping-
As the saying goes.

Not enough for us all,
One shiny apple.
One slice for me.
And half a bite,
From Amma.

All the way from Colombo
To me, to my home, to Jaffna.
A small, red apple.
Loath to cut, long to gaze
A small, red apple.
Shiny to behold,
Sweaty from the journey.
A small, red apple.

There had been firing at kilali sea.
He was hidden in Appa's pocket.

Appa pats him.
His stem bows and stands.

In the muddy feilds,
Where nothing but air roams
Appa walks.

He whisperes words to the Moon,
And smiles with humble pride.

Appa speaks of us
His mischevious little ones.
Apple stares into the paralight overhead
Seeing snow covered grass
and leafless trees
His peaceful, blissful motherland.

Appa had crouched-
his hands over head,
as bomb after bomb fell
as he returned home with Apple.
With his hands over head,
Mimicking or mocking Appa?
Apple crouched too.

Said Appa, through parched throat
and cracked lips
Said Apple,
a lonely voice to lend strength.

As they pass Savahacheri,
Appa felt in his pocket
Red Apple
Laboured breathing
hitching when the buddy van hit a bump.

Promised I to Appa,
as the stem was layed between two pages-
'People would talk of Apple's story
for years and years. and years."

In the stem that lies
Squeezed from both sides

As proof,
I caress the stem.

I caress the stem,
As proof.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fifty shades of grey

I was shocked by the news of this trilogy 'Fifty Shades of Grey'   was initially banned from public libraries in certain American cities. I watched the movie , it was really fast moving specially when the couple meet, there were few erotic scenes, that's all. I enjoyed the story as Anna steal as we both didn't know what would happen next. For me it was a thriller :)

But i was mostly worried about the authorities decision making on behalf of us. Who gave the rights to remove the book from the shelf of the library?Who the hell are they to decide what is right and wrong? If you take control of my freedom to learn what is  right and wrong , how can i decide that by my self? How do i know something is wrong if you don't allow me to experience the wrong? How do i enjoy the freedom of feeling  the guiltiness after doing something bad if you did't allow me to experience the bad? For me 'Bad' is the word which someone has defined.I don't want to know about it , someone shouldn't tell me what is bad, I must learn it all by myself.I want to experience it whether it is book or my life.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Fishing at wellawatta beach :)

I was very exhausted , University  mid semester exams, work , assignments etc. Last month i couldn't sleep properly.
Decided to go for fishing and waiting for the right time to come. 
yes, poyaday fell on a friday. I started to prepare from Thursday.On the same evening, i went to the near supermarket and bought 250gs of shrimp and refrigerated it.

Woke up at around 6AM and got ready. had a cup of hot milo tea and few sugar biscuits. Cleaned the Shrip and put it in a box. Prepared my all fishing gears. Two rods , one is eight feet  and other one is seven feet.Left home around 6.30 in the morning. Hooked number 4 hook on six feet rod and another 15 on eight feet rod. Spent around one hour. see what i got.

A large , 'Pari fish'. Weighed 500g. Good one. Happpy holiday :)

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