Wednesday, March 09, 2011

If I have curves, I'm fat !

If I have curves, I'm fat !
If I wear makeup, I'm fake !
If I dress up, I'm a Show off !
If I say what I think, I'm a bitch.
If I say nothing, I have an 'Attitude problem',
If I cry sometimes, I'm a drama queen !
If I have guy friends, I'm Fast.
If I stand up for myself, I'm mouthy.

Its like you can't do anything nowadays without... being labeled. So what ? I give a Damn !!!

-Nicked from Sivahamy Silva's facebook wall.Shiva is a talented and tallest woman :D , and a friend of mine. Still i could remember her words 'language is not a barrier' , happened when i was murmuring and struggling wt my poor singalese knowledge on a event hosted by suntel at waters edge.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


My little sis and myself started our today sunday with this song and laughing like crazy.Still i'm humming this tune. very soft.

Friday, March 04, 2011


watched this movie nearly around six month before.This song is a was sticking on my mind even after three days i watched this.Its all about fashion , music and dance.all about...

Thay want to dress like Italian gents and thy want to undress like Italian gents...

And they want to live in Italian movies...
Another creative song from the same movie

and some beautiful expressions from the girl who sung the first song

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