Monday, September 21, 2015

Fifty shades of grey

I was shocked by the news of this trilogy 'Fifty Shades of Grey'   was initially banned from public libraries in certain American cities. I watched the movie , it was really fast moving specially when the couple meet, there were few erotic scenes, that's all. I enjoyed the story as Anna steal as we both didn't know what would happen next. For me it was a thriller :)

But i was mostly worried about the authorities decision making on behalf of us. Who gave the rights to remove the book from the shelf of the library?Who the hell are they to decide what is right and wrong? If you take control of my freedom to learn what is  right and wrong , how can i decide that by my self? How do i know something is wrong if you don't allow me to experience the wrong? How do i enjoy the freedom of feeling  the guiltiness after doing something bad if you did't allow me to experience the bad? For me 'Bad' is the word which someone has defined.I don't want to know about it , someone shouldn't tell me what is bad, I must learn it all by myself.I want to experience it whether it is book or my life.

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