Sunday, December 26, 2010

Delhi visit - Manthan award ceremony 2

I could meet some interesting personals in that ceremony, including three beautiful girls. Murali shanmugavelan is another interesting person who came from uk for this conference. (Read more about murali) He gave a introduction speech about the digital contents and the availability of them. I met another beautiful girl 'Peola' from hydrabad.She is a RJ, i think. She has very beautiful eyes and smile. She said , she

had been asked by the people if she would be a Tamil.She was in Saree and a black 'pottu'. unfortunately she couldn’t speak Tamil.She is a Telungu girl.

I met Mahima kaul who interviewed me on Manthan award cerimony. This girl is full of energy. No one can say she has this much of talents and experience becoz her pretty face hides everything.hit this link and read more about mahima and hit this link to see Mahimaz blog. Mahima, i’ve used your picture without your permission. Hope you will understand.

Rangalal from ICTA and Puritha from Ada dirana and Sachini, nice and unforgettable experience with you guys. I’ve forgotten to mention about another interesting woman i met after we received the awards and certificates.

Mahima kaul in blue

“Jayalakshmi Chittor” , another brave woman. We argued a lot, discussed a lot within that very short period. I’m so pleased to see you mam, even though i don’t agree with some of your views. Hope I’ll see you again next time my visit to Delhi.

Jayalakshmi chittor

Thanks India and indians, great hospitality.


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